DreamCo Design is a team of about a dozen full time employees. In addition to our main group, we also retain an overflow freelance staff and consistently cycle interns looking to learn in our professional web development environment. Our core members are found below.
Jay Correia


Owner & Senior Consultant
• new england sports fan
• pilot and outdoorsman
• published author

Jay has nearly 2 decades in developing sites, apps, and marketing campaigns for a broad range of customers. His outgoing, passionate, and determined personality helps our clients reach new heights.

Sarah Crement


Project Manager
• loves the Bears
• is an outdoor enthusiast
• good at fantasy football

Sarah is an organized project manager and talented graphic artist that helps guide projects successfully from start to finish. Her attention to detail and warm personality is welcomed by all our clients.

Jessica Smoody


Senior Designer
• is a paranormal girl
• passionate about design
• a hardcore gamer

Jessica is an amazing front end designer that is responsible for the design and development of various sites and apps. She's the person primarily responsible for UI/UX decisions and WP development.

Sean Cleveland


Senior Developer
• smiles a lot
• football fan
• awesome Dad

2o19国拍自产在线直播|欧美Av国产aV亚洲AV综合Sean is passionate about good code. He's a football fan, runs some cool pool software, family man, and a knows how to build BBQ pits. He's responsible for a lot of larger dev-projects.

Dug Rose


App Developer
• gets gitty over tech stuff
• loves to learn
• community active

Dug is a long term designer turned app developer with a passion for tech. His robust skill set allows him to take on iOS, Android, and web projects alike; all of which work together in harmony.

Ash Miller


Customer Liaison
• inspired taco tuesday
• loves to learn
• well cultured

Ash's personality is warmer than a campfire on a fall evening. Our clients love him, as does everyone on our team. Ash knows how to get things done effectively while keeping a smile on everyone's face.

Isaiah Arnold


FL Developer
• likes the RedWings
• is a hunter
• is good at Golf

2o19国拍自产在线直播|欧美Av国产aV亚洲AV综合Isaiah cerebral freelance developer with a huge future ahead of him. Isaiah assists with fantasy sports projects and ongoing code upkeep for a handful of our existing client platforms.

Ed Seggelke


Senior Consultant
• loves the Green Bay Packers
• is the real Solid Snake
• splits wood like Paul Bunyan

In 2018 Ed retired, yet he still remains involved both with mentoring our team and continuing to manage existing client relationships. His experience and situational expertise is second to none.

Hanz Fedrickson


Social Media Manager
• hand crafts swords
• loves star wars characters
• is a friar at fairs

2o19国拍自产在线直播|欧美Av国产aV亚洲AV综合Hanz went from a non internet using swordsman to a digital age ninja in just a matter of a few years. Hanz manages overseas communication for gaming and handles social media management for a variety of our clients.

Anton Antokhin


App Developer
• nerds out on Flutter tech
• speaks 3 languages
• seasoned world traveler

2o19国拍自产在线直播|欧美Av国产aV亚洲AV综合Anton handles a lot of our cross-platform app development needs, marrying up iOS, Android, and web applications to work harmoniously across numerous platforms, helping our clients be available everywhere.